The honorary award-winning indie horror flick got its start at Silver Scream and has worked its way all the way to Cannes!

A redneck werewolf may not seem to have much in common with French film culture, but that hasn’t stopped BUBBA: the indie horror comedy, directed and producted by Brendan Rogers of And You Films, has made quite the splash on the festival circuit since being selected for last year’s Silver Scream Festival in Santa Rosa.

Silver Scream was BUBBA’s very first festival, and since then it has screened and won awards at Palm Beach International Festival, Super Geek Film Festival, Melbourne Independent Film Festival, Dragon Con Film Festival, Fear Fete, and Panama Horror Festival. Of course, all of these festivals pale in comparison to the Cannes phenomenon, where One Eyed Films will be representing BUBBA as its international distributor.

“The representation of BUBBA at Cannes is very exciting for us,” says Aléa Figueroa, Production Coordinator at And You Films. “BUBBA also obtained domestic distribution through MVD Entertainment Group and was released on January 17, [and can be found] through Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Dish Network, Target, iTunes, Books-a-Million, and Walmart.”

Not bad for a parody film that owes more hairy makeup and cult comic books than special effects and a writing team. But that’s what made it just perfect for Silver Scream 2016, where Rogers, Figueroa, and Will Philips represented their work with pride and ended up taking home an Honorable Mention.

Silver Scream is very proud to have introduced BUBBA THE REDNECK WEREWOLF to the film world and wishes the same success on all of 2017’s official selections!

Looking to see more from And You Films? Catch three of their short film parodies at the 2017 Silver Scream Festival in Dallas, Texas this weekend!