InkTip and Silver Scream are making it a little easier for award-winning screenplays to see production.

Following a successful partnership in 2017, the 2018 Silver Scream Fest will see the return of InkTip-sponsored prizes for each of the screenplay winners — most notably a free listing on, where many film producers go to find scripts.

“For years now, Famous Monsters has celebrated not only the history of genre filmmaking but also the young talent that gets inspired by it,” said Production Manager Jorge Marrero. “With the Silver Scream Festival, we’re able to partner up with like-minded organizations like InkTip who share our vision of showcasing new talent to Hollywood producers as well as the public.”

Accepted features and short films will be shown at the Santa Rosa Roxy 14 throughout the festival; however, screenplay entries have previously lacked a proper platform to be displayed beyond acknowledgement of their award. Bringing InkTip into the mix enables the winners to go beyond the judging panel and reach the eyes of actual filmmakers.

Silver Scream Film and Comic Festival was established in 2016 as a way for Famous Monsters of Filmland to celebrate and discover new genre talent in film, writing, and comic books. The festival’s debut year saw celebrations of Wes Craven’s career, featuring Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, and Marianne Maddalena; and the 35th anniversary of AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON with John Landis, Rick Baker, and David Naughton. 2018 plans for more anniversaries and celebrities in addition to vendors, panels, and top quality independent films.

There is also a renewed focus on charity this year, as the community of Santa Rosa is rebuilding from the devastation of the October 2017 Northern California wildfires, which claimed over 6,000 structures and at least 40 lives. Silver Scream is planning a Saturday event that will include opportunities to donate to programs dedicated to reconstruction.


From Jerrol LeBaron, President:

“The mission of is threefold: help the producer easily find a good script, save time for the agent and manager in locating the right people for their clients’ scripts or new clients, and to greatly increase exposure for the screenwriter.

“InkTip was born in 2000 after witnessing the difficulties associates and friends in the industry have had in getting exposure for their works, let alone getting their scripts sold. Our initial research indicated that over 150 production companies use the Internet to find scripts, with more than twenty-five percent of these companies boasting good to excellent film credits. Since that time, the figure has greatly increased and, by itself, has more than 2000 registered industry members who now have access to writers’ scripts.

“Before beginning the website design, had extensive surveys conducted with agents, managers, and producers. We found out that the only way to make an Internet service like this work is to utilize the speed of computers to help producers find good scripts, help agents sell more scripts, and provide these industry professionals with the confidentiality and security they need.

“We have thoroughly addressed each of these issues with our programming and site design, and  believe that makes finding a good script faster and easier than ever before.”