TELEIOS, the science fiction film that won the prestigious Forry Ackerman Imagi-Movie Award at Silver Scream 2017, is now available to watch on-demand under a brand new title: BEYOND THE TREK.

It seems distributor Screen Media agreed with us when we had our minds blown by this fantastic movie. Thanks to them, you can even pick up a copy of the film at Wal-mart!

Mature, effective, and startling, BEYOND THE TREK should appeal to anyone looking for an immersive and intelligent experience. Of the film, director Ian Truitner says, “Beyond the Trek reflects back to classic Sci-Fi in its aim to challenge how we see the world and ourselves. Shot on a limited budget, we couldn’t compete with the spectacle of special effects extravaganzas made by huge studios, so we had to make up for that by drawing audiences in with multidimensional characters and thought-provoking themes.

“Taking home the Forry Ackerman Image-Movie Award from the Silver Scream Festival, along with numerous other awards worldwide, is validation we succeeded in our goal. This award was truly the highlight of a long festival run that saw the film screen for Sci-Fi fans around the world.”

For more information on BEYOND THE TREK, visit the official site:

You can watch the trailer below.