After an extremely successful festival run during which it received over 50 accolades including Best Short Sci-Fi Film at Silver Scream, the surreal, neon-flavored short “Breaker” has been released to YouTube.

Its director and writer, Canadian native Phillipe McKie, has been participating in Silver Scream since its inception in 2016 when he flew all the way from Tokyo to support his post-apocalyptic short film “Shuen”.

“[Breaker] is an exploration of many profound subcultures found within [Tokyo] gathered through years of extensive research and integration,” he says. “To make the film, I collaborated with some of Tokyo’s most avant-garde fashion designers and an insane lineup of music producers, including SOPHIE, Forss, Phentix, WHIPPED CREAM, GRRL, Neraph, Cansino, and Klātu.”

McKie, who refers to “Breaker” as “cyberpunk”, explains that he is very influenced by science fiction hero and cyberpunk trailblazer William Gibson (NEUROMANCER). “I even named the fully functional robot-bartender in the film after him,” he says.

Does he plan on attending Silver Scream 2018? “I met so many interesting artists and filmmakers there who I’ve stayed in contact with and remained good friends with ever since! I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to experience the festival for themselves, and I can’t wait to attend again!”

McKie is currently working on his first full-length feature in Tokyo.

Watch the full short film “Breaker” below!