Ellinor Rosander, aka Elli, is one half of ellimacs sfx, a YouTube channel sensation that creates eye-popping special effects makeup tutorials, from monsters and Halloween heroes to gore effects and macabre Disney characters. 21 year old Elli is primarily self taught and uses basic makeups and household items for her amazing creations, which are filmed by Swedish photographer Macs Moser (the “macs” half of the duo). Elli recently won first place in the NYX Nordic Face Awards. The ellimacs YouTube channel has over 800,000 subscribers, and the most popular videos have upwards of 5 million views apiece.

Walter Welsh

Walter Welsh is a special effects artist from the Bay Area who was a finalist on SyFy’s FACE OFF Season 10. After getting his BA from Cal State University East Bay, Welsh attended Cinema Makeup School, Hollywood’s elaborate makeup arts school, where he excelled and learned what would become his dream profession. Specialty fabrication, creature design, painting, and sculpting are the what Welsh is most passionate about. He has taught makeup techniques and done demonstrations in China, Canada, and throughout the US.

Ricou Browning

When your on-screen monster is an aquatic fish man, someone has to do all that swimming; and for the original Universal classic CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, that man was Ricou Browning!

Having grown up in Florida and established a career in diving and water shows, Browning’s involvement in film has been largely based on water sequences and coordinating stunts. He even created the original FLIPPER television series.

But it’s the Creature, of course, that follows Browning to this day. He continued to play the swimming gill man in both BLACK LAGOON sequels — REVENGE OF THE CREATURE and THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US — whereas the sequences on land were played by a different actor in each film. Now the last living actor to have played a classic Universal monster, Browning is a unique and cherished legend in the horror world.

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John Russo

With twenty books published internationally and nineteen feature movies in worldwide distribution, John Russo has been called a “living legend.” He began by co-authoring (with George Romero) the screenplay for NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, which has been recognized as a horror classic. He has had a long, rewarding career, also penning films such as RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, MIDNIGHT, THE MAJORETTES, THE AWAKENING, and HEARTSTOPPER.

His books on the art and craft of movie making, such as HOW TO MAKE EXCITING MONEY MAKING MOVIES, have become bibles of independent production. Quentin Tarantino and many other noted filmmakers have stated that Russo’s books helped them launch their careers.

Recently, his screenplay for ESCAPE OF THE LIVING DEAD was made into a five-part comic book released by Avatar Press to great acclaim. Russo’s latest novel DEALEY PLAZA was published by Burning Bulb Publishing, which has also published Russo’s novels THE ACADEMY, THE AWAKENING, THE BOOBY HATCH, LIMB TO LIMB, LIVING THINGS, and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. His short story “Channel 666” appears in THE BIG BOOK OF BIZARRO, and John was a contributing editor on the Burning Bulb hit anthology RISE OF THE DEAD.

He is also slated to direct two movies: a remake of his cult hit, MIDNIGHT, and a brand new take on the “zombie phenomenon” entitled SPAWN OF THE DEAD.

Kelli Maroney

Kelli Maroney began her career acting and studying at the Guthrie Theater in her native Minneapolis. Like her fellow horror heroine Barbara Crampton, Maroney’s first roles were on daytime television: evil adolescent Kimberly Harris on RYAN’S HOPE and the vengeful Tina Clayton Lord Roberts on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. She made her film debut as ‘Spirit Bunny’ Cindy Carr in the teen comedy classic FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH (1982).

Maroney achieved her greatest enduring cult popularity, however, in the horror and science fiction genres with NIGHT OF THE COMET (1984) and CHOPPING MALL (1986). Maroney has often cheerfully poked fun at her own B-movie starlet image in numerous TV guest star appearances, such as a crazed evangelist on HBO’s TRUE BLOOD. She has also continued to act on the stage in Los Angeles in productions such as PINK at the Renegade Theater, OUTWARD BOUND at the Hudson Backstage, THE EDGE OF ALLEGIANCE at the Met theater.

Maroney lives in Hollywood and has several projects in development as actor/producer.

Barbara Crampton

Barbara Crampton is a classically trained theater actress who started on the stage in New York before eventually moving to LA, where she landed a role on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Daytime television, including iconic shows like THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, would continue to be a force throughout her career.

Crampton had a few brief roles in BODY DOUBLE (1984) and FRATERNITY VACATION (1985) before making a cult splash as Megan Halsey in Stuart Gordon’s now-midnight classic RE-ANIMATOR (1985). In fact, the film suited her so well that she re-joined her RE-ANIMATOR costar Jeffrey Combs in another Lovecraftian adaptation, FROM BEYOND, just a year later. She found somewhat of a niche in horror, appearing throughout the 80s in cult classics like CHOPPING  MALL (1986), alongside fellow Silver Scream guest Kelli Maroney, and PUPPETMASTER (1989).

Crampton took an extended break from acting to raise a family, but when she finally returned to the screen, it was horror that brought her back: Adam Wingard’s YOU’RE NEXT (2011). The second stage of her acting career has also been dominated by genre films, including WE ARE STILL HERE (2015), Rob Zombie’s LORDS OF SALEM (2012), and BEYOND THE GATES (2016). She recently filmed a role in the star-studded extravaganza DEATH HOUSE.