Show Schedule Posted!

The time has come to make your decision! About which films to watch, that is.

The Silver Scream Fest 2018 schedule has arrived, and we’ve got genre favorites, cult classics, terrifying independent shorts, intriguing documentaries, and more! Fancy a short film block and follow it up with our Opening Reception, or indulge in a splatter movie and then mosey over to watch the Bay Area’s best horror hosts entertain you. We’ve got SUPERMAN, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and live demos by SFX makeup superstars. You can even grab an autograph from the CREATURE himself — just don’t get caught filling the snack bar with salt water in attempt to help him escape…


Ellinor Rosander, aka Elli, is one half of ellimacs sfx, a YouTube channel sensation that creates eye-popping special effects makeup tutorials, from monsters and Halloween heroes to gore effects and macabre Disney characters. 21 year old Elli is primarily self taught and uses basic makeups and household items for her amazing creations, which are filmed by Swedish photographer Macs Moser (the “macs” half of the duo). Elli recently won first place in the NYX Nordic Face Awards. The ellimacs YouTube channel has over 800,000 subscribers, and the most popular videos have upwards of 5 million views apiece.

Walter Welsh

Walter Welsh is a special effects artist from the Bay Area who was a finalist on SyFy’s FACE OFF Season 10. After getting his BA from Cal State University East Bay, Welsh attended Cinema Makeup School, Hollywood’s elaborate makeup arts school, where he excelled and learned what would become his dream profession. Specialty fabrication, creature design, painting, and sculpting are the what Welsh is most passionate about. He has taught makeup techniques and done demonstrations in China, Canada, and throughout the US.